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Basic Concepts

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This section provides a brief summary of the basic concepts in cloud object storage.

A region is a cluster deployment of servers, complete with its own API endpoints, networks and compute resources. Currently, IDrive Cloud has one region based in Oregon (us-west-1).

(However, the authentication region should be configured as us-east-1.)

A bucket defines a namespace for objects. An object with the same name in two different buckets represents two different objects. You can create any number of buckets within an account.

Objects refer to the data stored, such as documents, images, etc. You can also store custom metadata with an object. Each object can be as large as 5 GB.

Sub Accounts (Users)
Sub accounts can be created by the account owner (root user) from the User Management section of IDrive Cloud Console. Account owner can perform the following actions on a sub account from the console:


  • Create a new sub account
  • Delete an existing sub account
  • Grant / revoke the S3 API access
  • Grant/ revoke the console access

S3 Access Keys
Before performing any operation either via APIs or clients, users must generate the S3 Access Key & Secret, which will be used to confirm the identity of a user.

These keys can be generated from the Profile Details section under Settings of the IDrive Cloud Console.

To create S3 Access Keys,

  1. Click on your username and select Settings.
  2. In the Profile tab click Create New Access Key. The generated S3 Access Key will be displayed under the User Keys List.

A user can have a maximum of 2 pairs of S3 Access Key and Secret. Users can navigate to the Profile tab by clicking Settings in the LHS menu.

Account owner can create, update and delete keys for users of their account.

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