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As per your need, you can set preferences for displaying hidden files/folders, set the default backup location and choose the backup method for your Synology device data.

Show/Hide Files and Folders

The Show hidden files and folders check box is selected by default. To avoid display of hidden files/folders of your NAS device in the IDrive app and to avoid backup of the hidden files/folders, clear the check box.

Upload multiple file chunks simultaneously

The Upload multiple file chunks simultaneously check box is selected by default. When this option is enabled, the application will try to upload multiple file chunks simultaneously to improve the data transfer speed. To get optimum transfer speed, ensure availability of high Internet bandwidth during backup.

Backup Location

the General tab, you can change the default backup folder

The Synology Backup app creates a unique folder with your computer name on your account to backup data.

Steps to change the backup location: 

  1. Click  , select the new location on your IDrive account and click OK.

  2. The Synology Backup app provides two options to backup data. 

The backup options are:

  • Mirror Path
    The Mirror Path backup option in IDrive backs up the selected file/directory with its entire structure to a specific location in your account.

  • Relative Path
    The Relative Path backup option backs up only the selected file/directory to a specified location in your IDrive account.
Note: For some accounts, sections like backup location and mirror path will not be available.