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S3 Developer Guide

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This developer’s guide will assist users through the various S3 operations that can be performed in IDrive Cloud. It includes details of the operations along with samples in different programming languages.

S3 API References
The following section lists a few terms that will be required while using S3 API or clients for accessing IDrive Cloud.

Signature Versions
IDrive Cloud supports both AWS signature version 2 and signature version 4 for authentication.

For signature version 4, the region used for signing requests is always us-east-1.

 Signature  Region Code
 v4  us-east-1
 v2  Not applicable


Bucket Regions and Endpoints
The following table lists regions and endpoints that can be used to access IDrive Cloud.

 Name Code  URL
US West (Oregon)  us-west-1
US East (Virginia)  us-east-1


Note: IDrive Cloud doesn't support Virtual Hosting of buckets as those are not in global namespace.

S3 Compatibility
The following table lists all S3 operations which are supported in IDrive Cloud.

Create Bucket Create Object Copy Object
List Buckets List Objects Bucket Versioning
Delete Bucket Delete Object Delete Multiple Objects
List Bucket Metadata List Object Metadata ACL


To know more about cloud object storage, see Basic Concepts.

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