IDrive Vault line of devices brings
backup to on-premise and to cloud

Safe. Secure. Reliable.

Onsite Bare-Metal Recovery with Cloud Replication solution for SMBs

  • Backup hard drives, including the operating system with the system state and application configurations, in the form of a single file.
  • You can maintain a ready-to-use Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capability with each image-based backup.
  • Transfer backups stored on your IDrive BMR server to your cloud account. Schedule cloud replication and monitor the backup status through the centralized console.
  • Advanced block-level de-duplication and compression for optimized storage capabilities
  • Restore data using a pre-configured boot CD or USB drive. You also have the option to restore individual files through the web console.
  • Access IDrive BMR server to manage backups, review statistics etc., through a centralized web console.
  • IDrive BMR machine is a high powered server grade device. With the capability to backup hundreds of machines, it's an ideal solution of DRaaS.
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On-premise backup solution with the flexibility to access and manage your data from anywhere

  • Familiar interface similar to IDrive Cloud Backup. So, there is nothing new to learn.
  • Familiar Dashboard to manage backups, user accounts and backup sets from anywhere.
  • Supports up to 100 users; scalable and customizable for higher usage.
  • Pre-configured rack mountable servers delivered at your doorstep.
  • Private Cloud can be setup on-premise or even at your preferred data center.
  • Your data is encrypted on storage to provide added security.

You can also use Amazon Cloud to deploy IDrive Vault (Private Cloud). Your backup data will be stored in your own Amazon AWS account instead of the Vault device.

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Compare the features of IDrive Vault line of products

IDrive BMR IDrive Vault (Private Cloud)
Backup Features    
Deployment Model Onsite disk image backup with cloud replication solution On-premise private cloud backup, optional scriptable backup to cloud
Interface Web interface to access IDrive BMR server EXACTLY the same as the IDrive cloud software to backup, restore and manage data
Dashboard Dashboard to manage backups and review statistics on IDrive BMR server Familiar Dashboard to manage backups, user accounts and backup sets from anywhere
Server Backup
Performs backup of entire computer including all your databases and servers

Supports VMware, Exchange/SQL/SharePoint database backup
Mobile Device Backup
Supports backup of iOS and Android devices
Time Machine Backup
Disk Image Backup
Create a copy of your entire computer in terms of data and information structure as a single file (known as an Image)

Backup entire drive on your computer, including operating systems and all, with content and information structure intact
Restore from 10 previous versions of the backed up file.
Snapshot based image restore for point-in-time recovery
True Archiving
If you enable cloud backup, your files are stored on the cloud for as long as you want

Your files are stored on the cloud for as long as you want
Download and install non-intrusive agent for image backups

Public IP required to set up Private Cloud server
Data Security Data is backed up on-premise in image based format, secondary backup to the cloud is protected with 256-bit AES encryption Your data is protected with 256-bit AES encryption along with an optional private key
Physical Storage Shipment
IDrive BMR Express™ restore service
is available
Not Applicable
Storage scalability
Increase the storage space of your Private Cloud account based on your needs

- The 50% offer is applicable for the first year only. For subsequent year, normal charges are applicable.
- Currently IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) is available only for US customers.
- IDrive Vault (Snapshots) users, refer FAQs for more information.