Server Backup

MS Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox - Restore

You can restore data from your IDrive Vault account to MS Exchange Server using the IDrive Vault - Exchange Server Restore option, in three ways.

  1. From progress status window, 'Server Backup' -> 'MS Exchange Server' -> 'Restore', during first time login.
  2. From 'Exchange Backup Status' window, click and select 'Brick level restore'.
  3. From 'Exchange Backup Status' window, right-click on the particular backup set, and click 'Restore'.

To restore your MS Exchange Server from the progress status window,

  1. Dismount the mailbox store/database and change mailbox database properties.

    Steps to dismount database and change mailbox database properties on MS Exchange Server 2013:

    • Open Exchange Control Panel and select the 'databases' in Exchange Admin Center.
    • Select the 'Mailbox' database from 'servers' that needs to be restored and choose the 'Dismount database' from the 'More' option.
    • Double-click the Mailbox database and choose the 'maintenance' tab from 'Properties' window.
    • Select the 'This database can be overwritten by a restore' option and click the 'save' button.
    • Perform steps 'c' and 'd' listed above for all databases that need to be restored.

      Note: Once the above mentioned steps are executed, close the 'Exchange Control Panel' before initiating the restore operation.

      View steps to dismount Store/Database and change mailbox database properties on MS Exchange Server 2010.

  2. Once the databases have been dismounted, log into IDrive Vault desktop application.
  3. Click on the Server Backup section.
  4. On the expanded section, mouse over over MS Exchange Server and click ‘Restore’.
    The Restore window will appear.
  5. In the Advanced Backup folder, all the backup sets restored under the account, would appear. Select the backup set folder you wish to restore and click 'Proceed'.

All databases from the cloud would get stored in the local IDrive Vault cache. From there, all databases would mount into the MS Exchange server.

Note: User can also select a single database for restore.