Server Backup

MS Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup

To perform an Exchange brick level backup, first download and install the Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1.

To perform a brick-level backup,

  1. Log into IDrive Vault desktop application.
  2. Click on the Server Backup section.
  3. On the expanded section, mouse over over MS Exchange Server and click 'Schedule Now'.

    The Exchange Backup Status window appears.

  4. Click 'Add Backup Set'. The Exchange Server window appears.
  5. Select 'Brick level backup'. Click 'Proceed'.
    The Scheduler window appears.
  6. Select the mailbox database(s) from the list which appears and select the time and days for a scheduled backup.
    For an immediate backup, check the box against 'Start the backup immediately'.
  7. Click 'Update'.

The next time you log in, the created backup set will appear in the Exchange Backup Status window. If the backup set name is 'BL_BackupSet_yyyymmddhhmmss, right-click on the backup set name. The context menu will open. Click ‘Backup’ to start an interactive backup. Click ‘Restore’ to restore the particular backup set. Click ‘Delete’ to delete the backup set.

Note: Selected .pst files from the Exchange Server would get copied in the local IDrive Vault cache (C:\IDriveVaultCache). From there, the .pst files would be backed up to the Vault device using rsync.