Instance Creation

Steps to create an Instance:

  1. First log into AWS Management Console and choose EC2.
  2. The overview page shows AWS EC2 resources. There are no running instances. Click on “Launch Instance” to set up an instance.
  3. Go to 'My AMIs', select 'Shared with me' check box and search for IDrive AMI.
    Note Contact support team if you are unable to find the IDrive AMI.
  4. Click 'Select' displayed next to the IDrive Vault AMI.
  5. Choose the instance type. Instance type is a selection of virtual CPU, memory, storage and network performance. Click 'Next: Configure Instance Details'.
    Note We recommend you to choose an instance with at least 4cpus and 16GB memory.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to input instance details. Click 'Next: Add Storage'.
  7. Add storage to the instance. Default storage size is 10GB. You can add more if needed. Confirm the storage setting.
  8. Amazon interface allows you to add tags to the instance. It's a handy feature when you have hundreds of similar virtual machines.
  9. Security group is a set of firewall rules that control traffic to your instance. Only allow a minimum amount of ports for connection. Do not open all ports to the public. Click 'Review and Launch'.
  10. Review the instance settings. If settings are correct, click 'Launch' to start the instance.
  11. There are no key pair existing. Create a new key pair and type in a key pair name, and then download the key pair file with extension '.pem'. Save the file in a safe place. You will need this file to access your virtual server.
  12. Click 'Launch Instances'.
  13. Return to the EC2 console page. Wait until your instance state changes from 'pending' to 'running'.

We have now successfully created an instance.