Protecting Big Data in Big Business

February 26, 2014

The world of technology is experiencing a data surplus that is unprecedented. According to IBM, users have created more than 2.7 zettabytes of data and 90 percent of the data existing in the world today was created in the last two years.

Network Computing reports that, as a result of the abundance of devices and increased Internet connectivity, there are much more data demands coming from devices. To keep up with these applications, more cloud services are emerging, ready to store, sync, organize, backup, and secure all of the information (and that’s just some of the many data needs). Online backup providers are among some of the cloud services targeted with assisting in data protection.

Enterprises are recognizing the need for more space as data grows and on premise options become inefficient. Big businesses are utilizing the cloud for their big data solutions. Online backup plans assist with data backup, storage, organization, and overall performance. Employees are utilizing anywhere from 3 to 5 devices to access corporate data so cloud features, such as the ability to link devices and data that is accessible on-the-go (while still protected), makes online backup even more appealing.

The more devices used to create and access data, the greater the necessity to manage and backup business critical files. Enterprises must adjust their data backup strategies to meet security standards and adapt to the ever-changing digital era.

These cloud adjustments are unavoidable; big data is not going anywhere. The amount of data created and used on a daily basis will only increase. Facebook alone deals with 210 terabytes of data in an hour, while the big data market is expected to reach $32.4 billion by 2017 (up from $3.2 billion in 2010).

Major thought and planning is going into the data growth phenomenon, as it affects nearly all business, big or small, and many individuals as well. Through the government’s Big Data Research and Development Initiative, more than $200 million is being invested into big data research projects. Learning how data growth and management will affect your company’s functionality can improve administration. A safe and effective strategy for surviving an onslaught of big data is to always protect your business with a dependable data backup plan.

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