Never lose your OneDrive data!

Protecting critical office data is always challenging for any business. For this, you might have switched to Office 365 to get the benefits of the cloud, but to ensure business continuity and to meet compliance requirements you definitely need to secure your data from disasters in the long run.

Microsoft provides platform security to your OneDrive files so you never lose your data, but there is zero protection against user errors or malicious behavior. This is where IDrive comes in to backup your OneDrive data securely.

Here's how IDrive helps to secure your OneDrive data

Backup via the Web

Backup data from multiple OneDrive accounts into a single IDrive account. This can help you to protect against data loss scenarios that are not covered by Microsoft.

Incremental Backup

IDrive does incremental backups, which means subsequent OneDrive data backups will only include the data that has been added/modified since the last backup.


All your data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption during transfer and storage with an optional private key, not stored anywhere on IDrive's servers.

Restore via the Web

View the OneDrive accounts that were backed up and restore data directly to your OneDrive account or download them instantly to your computer.


OneDrive backup via IDrive, adheres to most data security and compliance requirements, as data is encrypted on storage.

Why is OneDrive backup important?

Below is an example of how your OneDrive data can be liable to loss - and how IDrive can easily protect it.

  • 1
    User finds ransomware in an encrypted file in a backed up OneDrive folder.
  • 2
    User can select the older versions of the affected files from IDrive and restore them directly back to their OneDrive account.
  • 3
    The restore includes tags, structures and other metadata so that what goes back into the user's account is exactly same as it was prior to the attack.

This scenario highlights the fact that disasters are no more threats when you are prepared for it with OneDrive backup via IDrive.