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5TB of Cloud Backup at $99.50 $24.88 for the first year.

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Pricing Terms
  1. As part of the Special Deal, 5TB of Cloud Backup space is offered at $24.88 for the first year. The pricing discount is valid for the first year of subscription. For subsequent renewals and upgrades, the standard billing plan will be applicable.
  2. Refunds are issued only if the account is cancelled within fifteen (15) days of purchase of the deal. You can cancel your subscription online after logging into your account.
  3. You are enrolling for an automatic renewal service and authorizing a recurring charge to your credit card.
  4. Certain paid accounts are allowed to use storage space beyond the chosen plan's quota limit for uninterrupted backups. There may be an overuse charge at the rate of $0.25/GB/month. To avoid overuse charges, users can upgrade to a higher storage plan at an additional cost.
  5. The total includes any applicable overuse charges, taxes, and fees. Sales tax, VAT, and GST may apply in certain regions, as per respective federal mandates.
  6. For more details, refer our terms of service.