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To install the Synology Backup app on your Synology NAS device, ensure that all components upon which the app is dependent are already configured or installed.

For DSM versions 5.2 or earlier

Before installing the Synology Backup App on your device, ensure that the PHP Safe mode is disabled, and the web station is enabled.

To disable PHP Safe Mode and PHP cache,
  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Web Services > PHP Settings.
  2. Clear the Enable PHP safe_mode_exec_dir access limitation and Enable PHP cache checkboxes. Click Apply (if available).

To enable web station,
  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Web Services.
  2. Select Enable Web Station and click Apply All.

For DSM versions 6.0 or later

To install Web Station and PHP package,
  1. Navigate to Package Center Utilities and install the Web Station package.
  2. Navigate to Package Center > Developer Tools and install the PHP package.
  3. Install PHP 5.6 if DSM version is 6.0.2-8450 or earlier.
    Install PHP 7.0 if DSm version is 6.0.2-8451 or higher.
To update General Settings,
  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Web Station > General Settings.
  2. Select HTTP back-end server as Apache HTTP Server 2.2 or Nginx.
  3. Select PHP as PHP 5.6 if DSM version is 6.0.2-8450 or earlier.
    Select PHP as PHP 7.0 if DSM version is 6.0.2-8451 or higher.

To update PHP Settings,
  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Web Station PHP Settings.
  2. Select the PHP version which is selected in General Settings.
  3. Enable PHP extension Mcrypt.
  4. Enable PHP extension curl if it is available.
  5. Add /etc: in the beginning of open_basedir, if it does not already exist. 
  6. Clear the Enable PHP cache check box if it is enabled.
To provide Read / Write permission to Web folder for the http group,
  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Group > http > Edit > Permission.
  2. Provide Read/Write permission to the folder Web and click the OK button.