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You can do the following from the General tab:
  • Set your preferences for displaying hidden files and folders
  • Set the default backup location 
  • Choose the backup method for your Netgear device data

Show/Hide Files and Folders

By default, the Show hidden files and folders check box is selected. To avoid display of hidden files/folders of your NAS device in the IDrive app and to avoid backup of the hidden files/folders, clear the check box.

Backup Location

The Netgear Backup app creates a unique folder with your computer name to backup all your data to that folder. However, you can change it to your preferred location.

To change the backup location,
  1. Click .
  2. Select the new location on your IDrive account and click OK.

  3. The Netgear Backup app gives you two options to backup data. 

The backup options are,
  • Mirror Path
    The Mirror Path backup option backs up the selected file/directory with its complete structure to a specified location in your IDrive account.
  • Relative Path
    The Relative Path backup option backs up only the selected file/directory to a specified location in your IDrive account.
Note: For some accounts, sections like backup location and mirror path will not be available.