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In order to avoid the time consuming initial backup, IDrive lets you restore backups of your previous computer to a new computer. All you need to do is select the Adopt/Link to an existing location/computer option, during initial login to the IDrive application from an Netgear device. You can even create a new location with the new computer name, to store your backups. To create a new location, click Proceed to create new location with this computer name, when prompted to select location/computer for backup.

To adopt your backup archive,

  1. Install Netgear backup app on your NAS machine and login to the Netgear Backup App.
  2. Click Adopt/Link to an existing location/computer when prompted to select location/computer for backup. A list of locations/computers linked to your account appears.
  3. Select the desired computer/location from the list and click Adopt/Link Selected Location to restore your previous backups. Note: This feature is only available for certain accounts.