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Prior to installing the Asustor Backup app on your Asustor NAS device, you need to enable web services on your NAS device.

To enable web services,
  1. Navigate to Services > Web Server.
  2. Select the Enable Web Server check box.
  3. Click Apply to save the changes.
To install,
  1. Log in to your Asustor NAS device as 'admin'.
  2. Download the apk file for your Asustor device.
  3. Navigate to App Central, and click Manual Install.
  4. Click Browse and select the IDrive APK file.
  5. Click Install. After installation, the IDrive App will be listed in App Central under My Apps > Installed tab.
  6. To start the application, click IDrive App.
To uninstall,
  1. Navigate to App Central > Installed tab and click .