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Sync is a feature in IDrive that enables you to link all your devices to ensure that the content on all the devices and in your cloud account is always in sync. When you update a file in your IDrive account, the update is available on all the devices on which Sync is enabled and in your IDrive account. Therefore, you can access the latest version of your synced files. 

For syncing files, IDrive creates a unique folder on every linked computer. Files placed in the Sync folder are automatically synced to your IDrive account and to the linked devices.

The storage space of your IDrive sync folder is independent of the IDrive storage space, and you get the same storage space as your IDrive plan. For example, if you sign up for a 1 TB IDrive Personal plan, you will get an additional 1 TB space for your Sync folder. Hence, as long as there is enough space in your IDrive Sync folder, you can continue syncing data to it, even if your IDrive account space gets used up.

Selective Sync Down

IDrive allows you to control the data you want to synchronize to your computers. You can select specific folders in your account to sync to your computer using Selective Sync Down. It is very helpful if you have a lot of files and folders in your account, but need only a handful of them on a particular computer.