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Schedule Backup

To schedule automated backups, set the following options under the Scheduler tab:

  • Backup start time Set the time at which your scheduled backup should start.
  • Backup set name - Select the backup set you want to schedule for backup.
  • Daily Schedule - To run your backup jobs daily, select this option.
  • Week day(s) - Select the days of the week on which you want to run your backup jobs.
  • Start the backup immediately - Select this option to run a backup job immediately.
  • Hourly Schedule - Select this option to configure hourly backup operations.
  • Cut-off Time - Set the time at which your scheduled backup should stop. This is helpful if you want to stop the backup progress at a specific time.
  • Email notification -  Enter your email address to receive backup status notifications. 
    (a) Notify always - Select this option to get notifications always. 
    (b) Notify on failure - Select this option to get the notifications only when there are failures.
  • Notify me on desktop - Select this option to get backup notifications on your desktop.
  • Start the missed scheduled backup when the computer is turned on: Your missed scheduled backups will start automatically once you turn on your computer.

You can manage your scheduled jobs from the IDrive Tray > Scheduler options.