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Archive Cleanup

The Archive Cleanup feature lets you make a one to one match of the local data in the backup set to your account.

If data is deleted from your computer that has already been backed up, the corresponding data in your IDrive account would be permanently deleted. 

To run Archive Cleanup,
  1. In the Backup tab, click Archive Cleanup on the tool bar.

  2. Click Cleanup Now. IDrive will generate a list of items to be deleted from your account.

  3.   Click Delete, to delete the files permanently from your account.
Alternatively, you can set up periodic automated cleanup by enabling Periodic Cleanup by using the check box. Set the number of days and percentage of data to be considered for cleanup.

  • Archive Cleanup by default considers up to 25% of files for deletion with reference to the total backed up data in your account. This is to avoid large deletion of files in your account due to some changes in your backup set content or in application settings. You can also regulate the percentage according to your preference. 
  • Archive Cleanup permanently deletes data which no longer exists on your computer to free up space in your account. Users will need to delete empty folders manually in order to remove them from the account.
  • Periodic Cleanup may result in automatic deletion of data from your IDrive account. So use/set this option carefully.
  • The percentage mention refers to files considered for deletion in your account as a percentage of total number of files. The purpose of this percentage based control is to avoid large deletion of files in your account due to some unforeseen event on your computer.