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A quick way to update your IDrive Vault Cloud Backup app to the latest version.

You can update the IDrive Vault Cloud Backup app in the following ways:

  • Click Update at the top-left of the app screen.


Update via PBI

  1. Log in to IDrive Vault Central with your root credentials.
  2. Go to Jails. Select your customplugin_1.
  3. Click the box icon from the bottom of the screen. Upload plugin screen appears.
  4. Click Choose File & upload the latest IDrive Vault PBI.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Once the PBI is installed, go to Plugins ->Installed. Select your older plugin with older version.
  7. Click Delete. Delete Plugin screen appears.
  8. Click Yes to delete the old plugin.
  9. Go to Jails. Select customplugin_1 jail, and click the Restart icon.

To download the latest PBI,
  1. Go to 
  2. Click Download under For Cloud Backup to download the latest PBI to your PC.