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To backup your Vault device, you need to log in to the IDrive Vault Cloud Backup app. The IDrive Vault Cloud Backup app is by default installed on the IDrive Vault appliance. After validating your IDrive plugin jail credentials, the app will redirect you to the Login to your IDrive account page where you need to provide your IDrive account credentials.

To login,
  1. Log in to the IDrive Vault Central as 'root'.
  2. Click Plugins from the top-menu, and go to Installed tab. Ensure that the IDrive Vault Cloud Backup app status is turned ON.
  3. From the left-menu, go to Plugins > IDrive. This plugin redirects you to the IDrive Vault Cloud Backup app.
  4. On the app screen, enter your IDrive app jail root credentials and click Login.
    By default, the IDrive plugin jail credentials are root/root123. You can also change your credentials from the IDrive Vault Central.

  5. On the Login to your IDrive account screen, enter your IDrive Username and Password and click Login.

    Note: If you had set a private encryption key for your account, on clicking Login, it will redirect to the Encryption Key page. Enter your encryption key and click Continue.
To switch from one IDrive account to another,  
  1. Click your username at the top-right of the app screen.
  2. Click Preferences > General tab.
  3. Click Logout.