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An online backup of the files and folders stored in the IDrive Vault appliance, adds an extra layer of protection to your computers. You can perform immediate backups or schedule automated backups at predefined intervals.

To perform backup of your files and folders,
  1. Click the Backup tab.
  2. Select the files and folders for backup. The selected files and folders appears in the 'Contents of Backup set' section.
  3. Click , and choose a backup location.
  4. Click Backup Now. The backup operation will start immediately.

    Note: 'File / Folder is missing' indicates that app is unable to find the selected file/folder in the Vault appliance.

  5. To schedule a backup, click Schedule Backup.
  6. Provide the schedule backup parameters and click Update Schedule. The backup operation will take place at the scheduled time.

    You can exclude individual files/folders (for e.g. file extension like tmp), which may be part of the backup set, from being backed up to your account. From the Select files/folders for Backup list, click the drop-down arrow against the respective file/folder and click Add to Exclude List.