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This section provides a list of operations you can perform on objects and buckets, along with samples using AWS CLI and BOTO3.

Before you perform any operation, configure AWS CLI or BOTO3 as shown below.

AWS CLI and BOTO3 configuration

Sample configuration parameters in the file ~/.aws/config

region = us-east-1
s3 =
    endpoint_url = https://s3.us-west-1.idrivecloud.io
s3api =
    endpoint_url = https://s3.us-west-1.idrivecloud.io
endpoint = awscli_plugin_endpoint

Sample credentials in the file ~/.aws/credentials

aws_access_key_id = 
aws_secret_access_key = 

Note:For convenience, we will also use the ‘awscli-endpoint-plugin’ for awscli (this plugin doesn’t work for boto3).

To get S3 credentials (access key and secret) refer to S3 Keys.

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