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Duplicati is a backup client that can be used to store backups online on cloud storage solutions. Learn how to access and manage IDrive Cloud storage via Duplicati.

You must have at least one bucket  created in your IDrive® Cloud account.

To access IDrive® Cloud using S3 Access Keys,

  1. Download and install Duplicati on your computer. For Linux systems, ensure these prerequisites are fulfilled.
  2. Launch the application and click Add backup.
  3. Select Configure a new backup and click Next. You can also import a configured job or storage provider.
  4. In the General backup settings screen, provide a name and description for the backup job, set encryption preferences and click Next.
  5. In the Backup destination screen:
    • Select Storage Type as S3 Compatible.
    • Select the Use SSL checkbox.
    • Select Custom server URL for server and enter the service point e.g.,
    • Enter Bucket name (container name) where you wish to store the backups.
    • Select Bucket create region as (default) ().
    • Select Storage class as Standard (STANDARD).
    • Specify Folder path to store backups at a particular location within a bucket.
    • Enter AWS Access ID and AWS Access Key. These values can be accessed from the S3 Access Keys section of the IDrive® Cloud Console.

    • Under Advanced options, select s3-ext-signatureversion: SignatureVersion and enter 2 in s3-ext-signatureversion instead of the default value 4.
    • Select s3-ext-authenticationregion : AuthenticationRegion and enter us-east-1 in s3-ext-authenticationregion.
    • Click Test Connection. Select NO if prompted to prepend the username. A success message will be displayed.

    • Once the connection works successfully, click Next.
  6. In the Source Data screen, select files or folders for backup and click Next.
  7. Create a schedule for the backup job from the Schedule screen and click Next.
  8. Set the preferences under General options and click Save. The backup job will run as per schedule or you can also start backup immediately.

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