IDrive offers the most cost effective BMR functionality with onsite disk image backup

Store entire data of hard disks including the operating system (OS) and application configurations in an onsite server and retrieve them in case of catastrophic failure. In addition to local backup, IDrive offers you cloud replication which allows you to transfer backups stored on your server to your cloud account for a better disaster recovery plan. Also, maintain a ready-to-use, bare metal restore (BMR) capability with each image-based backup.

Protect against ransomware!

Encryption-based ransomware is getting sophisticated and may not be detected by anti-malware software in time. Once infected, you will be locked out from your own data and there is still no guarantee you can retrieve your data even after paying the ransom! Take advantage of IDrive BMR's snapshot backup — a robust backup solution allowing you to restore copy of data prior to infection.


IDrive BMR uses advanced block-level de-duplication and compression for optimized storage capabilities.

Getting Started

Sign up and get the device

Sign up and get IDrive BMR device shipped to your address.

Install and configure

Download the agent and run it on the system you want to backup.

Centralized web console

Access IDrive BMR server to manage backups, review statistics, etc.

IDrive Private Cloud Support


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