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Backup, Restore or Migrate contacts from/to your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phone

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Locate contacts and let contacts locate you
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Install the IDrive Lite app on your iPhone / BlackBerry / Android phone and sign up for an account. Your contacts* are automatically backed up. 


In case you lose or delete your contacts, select the 'Restore' tab and use any of the below options to restore. 

Restore contacts
Allows you to restore all your backed up contacts.

Restore selected contacts
Allows you to select the contacts to be restored.

Clean Slate Restore
Wipes your iPhone contacts clean before restoring them from your account.

Restore from other device(s)
Allows you to restore contacts from another iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phone.

Restore contacts from another account
Allows you to import contacts to your mobile device from another IDrive Lite account.

Restore from earlier versions
Allows you to restore contacts backed up earlier to your account.

This feature lets you view location of your contacts, have other contacts view your current location, manage their access and update your location information, all with a permission based process.

Locate My Contacts
View current location of your contacts.

Allow select contacts to Locate Me
Grant permission to your selected contacts to view your current location.

Manage Access to My Location
View and edit your contact list who have permission to view your current location.

Update My Location
Manually update your current location.

Currently, this feature is supported for iPhone and Android.

Manage contacts via the web

Login at to see your contacts online
Add / delete backed up contact information via any browser and restore to your iPhone / BlackBerry / Android phone
The location information of your contacts from your Android / iPhone is displayed in a map view
Import contacts from Facebook
View logs of the activities performed from the website and the application

iPhone Backup
iPhone OS 4.0 or later

BlackBerry Backup
BlackBerry OS 4.3 or later
Android phone Backup
Android OS 2.1

* Based on the type of device, operating system and version, the contact information can contain over 40 pieces of information per contact. While most key pieces of information including phone number, email address etc. are covered, due to certain API limitations, the contact information backed up may not cover every piece of information related to a contact.

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